Monday, May 14, 2012

Making the Burndowns Work!

JIRA has so many fun and amazing tools, but one in particular eluded me for some time: The Burndown! I was actually creating burndowns in Excel, because I just couldn’t make it work. I couldn't figure out why it would only track yesterday and today, but not the whole sprint. I was pulling my hair out, until the day that I added in a Start Date and End Date. Like magic, suddenly I had a Sprint Burndown.

The easiest way to enter this information is to add the version directly from the Planning Board.
Don't worry though if you already have an existing one, you can edit these dates from the Planning board as well. Just click on the word "None" next to "Start/End Date", and it will let you edit it.
Then, simply add a Start Date and End Date. Magic!

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