Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Create a Dashboard

JIRA comes loaded with a standard dashboard, but since we all have different things that we need to get out of JIRA, it may be time to create one of your own to fit those needs.  I will follow this up later with a post about what makes a good dashboard, but for now this is a simple step-by-step on just creating one.

1) Click the down arrow next to "Dashboards" and select "Manage Dashboards"

2) Click "Create New Dashboard" in the top right corner of the dashboard management page.

3) Create New Dashboard Screen
  • Name and Describe your new dashboard. 
  • You can also choose here to start from a blank dashboard or you can choose to start from one you already have in your arsenal. This is super useful if you are creating say, team dashboards for multiple teams or tracking multiple projects.
  • Choose who you want to share it with. Is this going to be for your team? just you? everyone?
  • Then (and this one is an obvious step) click "Add"

4) Configure your new dashboard by adding gadgets. JIRA has a ton of great gadgets. Play around with them until you find something you love.

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